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How To Attract Men – Top Ways To Do It


Are you dying to know the ways of how to attract men? Do you wonder about the right approaches to make to finally find the right one for you? Stop worrying too much and instead read on these ways that will surely help you find the right guy for you.


1. Be Sexy

It is common for most men to be physically attracted first before they go explore and admire your other beautiful aspects. Compared to women, men are more focused on what will please their eyes. To be sexy does not mean that you have to wear lustful fashon and clothing. Instead, just wear something that will create a slight tease of the eye to the guy you are targeting. In short, it won’t hurt if you would show some skin here and there.


2. Be Strong

During these modern days, the conservative perceptions are out. Do not be afraid to make the first move at times through simple gestures of smiling, glancing or any other subtle move. When you let him know your interest of him then you are on your way on the way to how to attract men.


3. Smell Good

Men are usually attracted to women who smell nice. This may be because fragrances are normally associated with being intimate. Just make sure that you wear only the right amount so that you won’t appear too cheap to the guys. Just a hint of your nice smelling perfume is enough to help you attract men.


4. Be Fun And Light

Do not be overly serious. Men like women who are free-spirited and who are fun to be with. However, do not dominate the conversations. Who wants to be controlled anyway? Stay humorous and try your best to sound spontaneous each and every time. Any person likes someone who can make him laugh and let him see the lighter side of life.


5. Stay Away From Big Crowds

Men like it when you make an effort to date him out in not so crowded places. Let your guy feel that you want to spend some time with him and bond with him with just your presence. Crowded places can take away the romantic moments that you and your guy may be needing to experience soon.


6. Men Also Need Compliments

Do not hesitate to give guys several compliments. It is not the women who like being flattered. The guys need this too. When you freely tell him what you like about him, you also help break the ice and all the awkwardness that may still be present between you two.


7. Stay Smart

To show that you are smart and knowledgeable is one of the top ways to attract men. Do not just talk about your fashion sense, your makeup or your nails. These are topics you should only talk about when you are out with the girls. Instead, talk about more sensible topics as this is a sure fire way to attract the men you like.